Rat Pack Challenge

I found a new app in the Play Store called Rat Pack Challenge!

Description: It is an app to help you sort out your photos, that you get more space again in your storage in a gamelike manner. A little hamster is at your side and by swiping photos into the trash bin (to sort them out and delete them), in a cloud (if you are not sure what to do and want to have a look again) and a box (keep it), every time you sort out you get little nuts and the more you have you can also get some gold (to highlight your photos). It is very interactive, easy to handle and also can be bound to social medias, like you can share photos on facebook and co. One can play in different modes, and there are also extra app-in application that you can buy. But the app itself is for free.

I liked it, it is easy to do, just when you are on the bus you can really help to clean your own storage. Top!

It would be nice and helpful, if you post the link of the game too here.

I’ve looked for the app in the Google Play Market and I’ve found it here.

The descriptions sound good, but how many mobile photos have you deleted till now (I’ve got 6.000 ones) and how many pictures can be putted in the cloud? These are the first two important questions that I’ve got about this app.

Yes, it is of course this one: Rat Pack Challenge - Rat Pack Challenge

Thanks for taking my suggestion, Now you will have more viewers I guess.

Thank you for suggesting it!
Did u have a look at it?

It would be nice you post the picture ,video or link. So we will now if it’s nice or not.

Yeah James, that’s quite a nice idea though.

Yes, of course I can do that! Here we are - My game is in German, as I grew up there, I download everything in my mothertongue.

Nice, Thanks for taking my suggestion and now I think you will get more reviews.

Well, thank you I would have to say! Advice is always a good thing.

Advice are good things only if it is taken mate, so thank you for taking my advice.

Please post the link

It is already there, click on the hyperlink which is available on its name, you will be directed to the game.

Yes, the link is already there, If some of you had a look on it - just give feedback!

Advice is always a good thing but only when it is considered by the takers.