Raspberry Pudding Bakery Game


Attention, please! The most interesting and tasteful game is ready to present itself right now! Raspberry Pudding Bakery Game is the best way to relax and have a rest, because as soon as you start this game, you’ll be transferred into the world of flavor, harmony and delicacy!

Are you ready to change your leisure and try something lovely and new? Then don’t hesitate and learn what being a chef feels like! Yes, you didn’t mishear, because in this cooking game, you’ll convert yourself into the professional chef, who works in the most expensive restaurant! Isn’t it amazing? You’ll have your own restaurant, where you’ll cook any pastry you want! So don’t spend much money on products – download this game and cook freely!

The rules of the game are more extremely easy! You should bake different kinds of pastry and there’re 4 main categories - Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Cupcakes. Each category contains a lot of dishes, so you won’t be bored by baking the same dishes! One more amazing feature of this game is that it’s very close to reality! Here you should bake pastry as in the real life – first of all mix all ingredients into a homogeneous mass, then form it and put into the oven, an finally decorate it.

As you see, you’ll feel yourself as a real chef! So in the first level you should choose the dish, you’d like to prepare. Then you’ll see the dish and required ingredients, generally most of them are the same, like flour, water and so on. But you should also acquire more special products that cost money! You can choose any ingredients and then see what kind of cake or cookies you’ll get!

In the next level you should bake your pastry in the oven. But don’t forget to regulate it carefully! Then you’ll move to another level, which is the most interesting of all! Here you will use your imagination and decorate bakery as beautiful as it’s possible! Create a new style of decorating cakes, cookies, donuts and cupcakes and win this cooking game! The elements of the decoration will be also seen at the top of the screen of your smartphone and you’ll be able to choose any of them!

In addition this game is absolutely free and offline. This means you won’t spend any money neither on downloading process nor on internet traffic! As you see this game is profitable from all sides, so don’t stay backwards and hurry up to download it!