★★★Rankdroid★★★ Get Thousands Of Free Installs, Reviews and Ratings For Your App ★★★


Rankdroid is app promotion service which let android application developers exchange installs, reviews, ratings and google plus between each other. After you open an account you need to install and review other developer apps and collect points which you can later use to create your campaign for your own app and collect reviews, ratings and installs for your app.
The benefits of using Rankdroid are the following:

  • the whole process is two button clicks, the app is made to work and review apps fully automated(you dont have to manually navigate to the app store, write the comment or click the review stars the application does all that for you)

  • users dont need to write comments since we have a large database of review comments which work for global apps

  • option to use keywords while creating campaign which will later be used as part of the comments

  • no trash or non fluent comments since users doesnt write them

  • users cant cheat you, for every single review and rating you give you get 100% return

Rankdroid went live just yesterday and is still in beta mode so we have low amount of users yet ones from posting on other forums, but if this app gets more attention in the next couple of days/weeks we are planing on implementing the following features:

-we want users to be able to create separate campaigns for Installs, Reviews, Ratings or G+ which will make the whole process look more natural(for example you create campaign with 1000 Installs only, second campaign with 30-40 Reviews and Ratings and third campaign which asks for 70 G+se`s

-while creating campaigns to be able to pick how many days you want them to keep your program installed before rewarding them with points which will make all the process really natural and get you active users instead of instant install/unistall

-to be able to select how many times one should open/close your program before rewarding him with points

-any other users recommend us to do

If any of you want to give the app a try it can be found on our official website found at Rankdroid Review Exchange. Any recommendations or bug reports are welcomed at this thread.

I would also like to offer a little promotion to the fastest ones to get an account on the app, POST your username or email and i will credit you with 50 FREE POINTS!

The RankDroid app is not working. It crashed after adding my app

Mate a great long winded promo for an app that keeps crashing! Half a dozen times I tried before finally giving up.

  1. You need a better login screen too. I had to type my email and password every time I logged in. There is no option to Remember Me
  2. When I tried to add My App this is when it kept crashing. It said it contacted Google Play and was downloading the image and then…

Looks like a good idea so let me know when it’s working properly