ramzixp is fraud

Ramzixp is fraud do not believe is (pardon my French) bullshi*t

I think he’s not fraud or anything…he’s been in here for long …he’s selling the stuff he know…we should think before take his notes or not…I know him for a long time…he’s not fraud my friend…2012-2013 golden days ppds,minimob,and some networks you don’t know … by the way no more fraud networks I am using these days…Facebook and admob …daily 500$ average…that’s it

LOL :slight_smile: maybe I’m sometimes not so kind but never cheated anybody. Some guy have stupid psychosis to follow me and write posts like this without reason. Hah, his old account was banned by david. Now he came back with new one.

I bet that he will reply on this post with several multi accounts :slight_smile:
I don’t know how somebody can be such stupid, or maybe really sick? Find some doctor man :wink:

If he is a fraud then why am I making like $5,000+ a month with his help and methods from his guides?

Ramzixp share usefull info many times

he has been here for a long time and he’s not a fraud.

Blackhat Seo?

I’m not selling anything, in the past I sold several guides, source codes, etc. Many people were happy, not everyone knew how to use it, it’s not my fault. For lat 1 year, I’m not selling anything to not piss of these users and not make situations like this. I don’t understand why somebody is coming to forum, opening account to say I’m fraud :slight_smile: After 1 year that I sold anything.

Yes, that was blackhat. Not possible to use now in form what I was selling but in 2012-half of 2015 that was gold mine :wink:

Translation tool, and other nice tips, nothing was black hat.

@ramzixp is a cheater do not buy any of his crap just ask @fckramzixp or @mmmkkksss

I think that ramzixp is just having some bad days playing poker at PokerStars and he is selling stuff because he urgently needs money to play poker again :D. You can check yourself

Not played this for years :stuck_out_tongue: This is my brother account and still not active last months but congratz that you found it:) I gave it to him when he was under age, lol

I don’t know why you mentioned me… We had some quarrel a very long time ago, but currently we don’t have contact so I won’t say anything bad or good about him at the moment

Because he is some fanatic and freak, he want proves for you or DroidGenie but everyone is ignoring him :smiley:

You need not to defend all the time.
You can ignore too and let the real threads with valuable info come up for God sake.
Money is really low these days.
Nobody is interested in this shit.:mad::banghead:

you got that right, now lets all make some money.

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everyday bumping @ramzixp’s mom

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