Radio interview

This morning I managed to get a radio interview on the BBC and plugged my web site… my visitor numbers has just shot up… on my site are links to your apps here that I have reviewed, so hopefully we can all benefit - that’s what it’s all about!

I shall continue my reviews.

Would you please like to review my first Android game… It will be alot for me as a feedback… Thank you

Added to my review database for looking at.

Thank you :slight_smile: … Its like writing an exam and submitting for evaluation … Excited about the marks…


It has some issues with tablets it is not suitable for high resolution devices so please try to review using average resolution device if possible … Thanks

Here it is JumblyApps

Thanks for the review…

Any suggestions or feedback for me?

What changes should I make to score 10 out 10 ?

Gold bars dripping out the USB socket!

Didn’t get you?

Please review this game too :
thank you

Will do - added to my database

Please explain in clear what changes should I make to get it better… :frowning:

I was joking… I intimated that if your game could make bars of gold fall out of my USB socket on my tablet, then I’d give it 10 out of 10.

I am sure you would give 100 out of 10 then :thumbup:

Thank you for sharing your app sree888. I think your game is great, I played a few rounds and it’s very fun. I wanted to share some feedback from a monetization perspective. I noticed you have ads loading in your app initially as the user first launches the app. I noticed both full screen ads and also video. We also have a rewarded video product and think that’s a great choice for monetization. I did want to recommend to try testing placement of the ads in between certain game levels/rounds only…or between the point of the character death and re-spawning. I think this will help with overall UX and user retention in allowing users to first engage with your game before being confronted with ads. Ultimately this then should increase your earnings potential as well among the ad units. Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss more about this :slight_smile: