Racey Cars [Physics Based Endless Dricing-Android]

Racey Cars, a physics based Endless Driving game. Drive through a highway avoiding obstacles and random bad drivers! So far you can only collect coins and unlock cars, through the updates more content will be added… Still a work in progress and would like your feedback and ideas, you can opt in for Alpha testing provided the link below. Racey Cars, a physics based Endless Driving game.


  • Physics Based Car Racing
  • Low IQ Traffic AI (Purpose for random accidents to increase organic obstacles)
  • Randomly Generated Scenery
  • Random Obstacles like Bus stops and Road bumps.
  • 10 Unlockable cars (More to Come)
  • Leaderboard and Achievements


  • Add Different Biomes (Desert) (Beach) … etc based on chosen Car, currently only one Biome which is a City Highway, or whatever you want to call it.
  • Add more vehicle types, SUVs, Motorbikes …
  • Random occurring missions: Example (Chase a Cash Transport Van similar to (Brinks) to increase amount of coins)
  • “I am open for suggestions”

If you have time, or have nothing to do on your toilet, Opt in for alpha testing, your feedback is most welcome.

Opt In for Alpha Here:


Hello Again,

I have launched a basic blog that will contain latest updates for Racey Cars and future projects. This (QBucket) is just a one man development team, so bare with me if things tend to be slow, does not mean I am parked, from family matters to Daytime work I hope I will be able to manage keeping everything updated.

I would assume writing a blog that attracts attention requires more of experience and time than just studying proper writing techniques, this is the first launch of everything “Qbucket” games related news and updates.

I have couple of projects hiding in my “Untitled Folder” on my laptop with potential success in them, or maybe that’s what I think about my games, doesn’t everyone?

All projects will be available for alpha testing because I believe Games should be created with user’s touch in them, this will give the finished product what it deserves.

You can visit the website here

“After a bunch of minor updates fixing bugs and other issues, here is the first update of the next phase”

The Beach update! (ALPHA 24)

This update contains major bugfixes, two new scenes and five new cars.

Scenes are limited to the cars you unlock, convertibles would take you to the beach, yet on the other hand, sporty cars take you to the City highway. By next update, obstacles will vary from one scene to another, but beware, drunk drivers are everywhere!

Download Racey Cars (ALPHA 24)