Quo Vadis Startapp?

For a long time I’ve been working with StartApp.

  • It is not the best advertising company, but its results were acceptable as a complement to AdMob or FAN.
    In these last weeks StartApp has been reducing the reversion little by little, perhaps trusting that the developers did not realize, but, this is not so, we are not stupid.
    Therefore, if we do not improve the results in the next few days, we will be obliged to look for an alternative to StartApp.

Any suggestions other than AdMob, FAN or AppNext?

I suggest opening a thread with the opinion about the advertising companies with which we usually work to, among all, try to improve our income by our work.


The same here. Ridiculous 0.05€ ecpm some days forced me to quit StartApp in all my apps.

I want to give a try to Unity Ads ir even Appodeal as a backing network to AdMob and FAN

Please share your results with Unity.
Thank you :slight_smile: