Quiz to become rich

If you love to play quizzes covering a wide range of topics then your android apps can help you out. “Quiz to become rich” is a new android app which covers a variety of questions.
Game is too exciting as it’s enhanced graphics and sound effect will attract you a lot.
Game contains three levels and to unlock the next level you have to succeed in your current one.
If the player finds difficulty in answering any questions then he/she gets three lifeline :
1.50/50 : you have to chosse correct answer between two rather than four.
2.Auto swap : Player can change the question.
3. Correct Answer : You can get correct answer of the question.
These lifeline can be used only once in the game.
Apart from these, player can get his/her total score and score of any particular level also.
Diplaying one’s knowledge is always a serious endeavor.So if you want to test your knowledge or challenge any of your friend then it is a right palce to test.

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