Quitting Alcohol

Recently came to the conclusion I want/need to stop drinking. I’ve seen a few guys on here say they’ve been sober for years.

I’ve been pretty strong willed when it comes to kicking habits, but this one has been a one step forward three steps back one. Haha

Those of you who have stopped did you notice many benefits on your hunts, mindset, or physical shape?
Any tips on the process?

This is an amazing conclusion. Go on!

Since I stopped drinking alcohol, I noticed many changes in my body that led to good. First of all, I feel much more energetic and have a more incredible zest for life. Secondly, my sleep is long and intense, and now I have 8 hours of sleep. And thirdly, more and more interests have started to develop psychologically and even physically (I go to the gym and have a healthy diet). I recommend not drinking anymore because it has no benefit. The program at theluckiestclub.com helped me get rid of this addiction. I recommend it!