quickest an app has gotten to 10k downloads

I just had a great opening release with an app that somehow jumped to 10k downloads in 17 days without a single bit of marketing. That got me thinking, even with some of the big crazy 50k downloads in a day apps they had to start somewhere.

Whats odd is that it is the most boring and dumb app i have ever made. But i guess that’s how it always happens, with the one you don’t think will do well.

So in a few day increments here are my downloads per day til 10k, there was a bit of up and down a few days in there.

1st day - 13/day
5th day - 908/day
10th day - 1170/day
15th day - 1436/day
17th day - hit a little over 10k downloads

So what is the quickest you have had an app get to 10k downloads. Also did you use marketing or not to get it to jump that high so fast.

My most successful apps didn’t have any marketing for them whatsoever.

Can you share app name or at least app category? If it is a game in which section (arcade, action, puzzle)?

anything special happened in the 15th,16th day? did you get reviewed? trending? top apps? featured?

it was a simple entertainment game with a stupid looking animal.

No reviews, no trending, not on top apps and it hasn’t been featured. I am thinking it is just a lucky set of keywords used in the description.

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Share your link, Your app have huge potential. I have similar app getting 10k downloads a day. DM me

But how it can become successful, if nobody know about your app? I don’t agree with your opinion. It requires a lot of time then. You can make your app popular without marketing, you have to show your customers that such kind of app are existing and why it’s better than other similar.