Quick Question Regarding User Feedbakc

Hey guys,

Hope everything is going well.

I wanted to get some feedback from you guys in relation to user reviews and ratings.

We’re all aware that using certain ad units can get very harsh reviews from users. And it leaves you trying to figure out what is better - revenue Vs ratings.

Ever since the Opt Ins and Opt Outs have been put in place, have your users eased up at all on feedback?

Do you get similar complaints about ad units such as Interstitials, Appwalls, Banners, Alert Ads etc?

Your answers would be hugely appreciated.


People hate push ads- I do too, but I’ve integrated them along with my banner units anyways since my retention rates are bad. I’m not losing many users since I tend to make apps with SEO in mind. If you have popular games, or a flagship product of some kind, it might be a good idea to pass on push ads. Otherwise I think it’s necessary to maximize profits, unless you do have an ethical stance on the issue.

Honestly, I do feel like a slum lord in some sense, but it’s easy to look away because 1) my products are free, 2) the Internet makes me anonymous, 3) Google says it’s OK and 4) my apps don’t have substance (maybe I don’t give myself credit) , so I feel I’m maximizing profits and I have no emotional attachment to my users, especially when Google bans accounts left and right, and the fact filing DMCAs for copy cat coded apps does nothing. The Google Play employees don’t reverse engineer code to see this.

To answer your question, hardly anyone complains about banners. But if you load your app with smartwalls and interstitials then people will complain. I recommend everyone use them, but you have to find the right balance of interruptions. It depends on the app.

Also I feel like the opt out is pointless, but I’m sure some users take advantage of it. I just think it’s a very small percent of users.

Well, the numbers that I see with users that have Opted Out is an accurate reflection of your statement. Its so little that I wouldn’t even want to put a percentage on it.

I think that banners are something that users have grown accustomed to. I’ll speak for myself and say that I don’t even look at them. If my behavior is a reflection on others as well then that explains the low CTR as compared to other and new ad units. Ad units that take up more space or appear elsewhere than the in app screen. Its shocking as to how much of a difference there is.

Having said that, I like what you say in a sense that as a businessman, your focus is making money and maximizing your profits. But its also a double edged sword since if you lose users, you do limit your profit.

If we can find someone who has had an app without Push Ads and then installed them. Then we can take the amount of revenue they had without Push Ads but happy users or rather less whiney users. Compare that number to the revenue they generated over the same amount of time with Push Ads and more uninstalls.

I hope that makes sense.

I’ve actually tested this so I can confirm its worth it. I’m basically making 2-3 times more but I lost 20 percent or so of my users.

I would have no problem losing 20% of users if I can make 2-3 times the revenue.

Plus, there’s also the fact that users don’t delete apps just because of ads.

I delete apps when I simply don’t use them and that makes up about 80% of my downloads.

The two types of apps that live the longest on my phone are 1) News (Weather included) and 2) Games that I get addicted to (Risk, Contract Killer etc)

Everything else pretty much ends up in the bin.


My experience is that worst reviews comes from Push Ads and I think that the user review isn’t the major problem, if not the uninstalls that you get. I you have a successful game you can make a fortune through Push Ads, but only in the beginning, after that the uninstalls will take you game down at the rankings and it is the worst thing that can happen to any app.

I have one of my apps implemented with Push Ads and I got same installs/uninstall per day and I realized that every day that number is decreasing. In the another hand I have only banner app and after the spike of the first month I got a very stable app going up every day since 8 months ago.

More examples, in my star app I have implemented the smartwall of Airpush, it’s true that work ok, it’s true that isn’t as annoying as Push Ads is, but people is complaining anyway, I almost got as many uninstalls as installs, not good.

from my own experience in one year (fictitious money):

  • Push ads -> 4000$ in one month, after that, nothing
  • AppWalls -> 4000$ in 4/5 months, after that, nothing
  • Banners -> 10000$ in 1 year, still growing up

I Hope It was clear, apologies for my english :stuck_out_tongue:


That is precisely why I wanted to know the effects over time.

I don’t think its right to arrive on conclusions based on data over only a few days.

I also think that users tend to complain a lot over all ad units with the least complaints on banners. Think its become more of an annoying habit.

It would be nice if the reason why the ads are implemented could be communicated to the users.

Like I’ve mentioned, most games aren’t a good type of app to use for push ads. They’re ideal for high downloads and low retention rates. Hit and quit it type apps, if you will.