Quick ASO Guide to Increase App Downloads

ASO is having dramatic effects on our client apps. For those who put the time in to understand, iterate, and test, we’ve seen many apps increase their downloads by a factor of 2x-10x, and an increase of revenue by a similar, or bigger, rate due to the increase in engagement of users earned by ASO. Here are some ASO guide for you.

  1. Have an Attractive Name.
    Picking an appropriate name for your app is crucial for ASO. As app store searches are one of the most common ways of searching for apps, having a name that is interesting and attractive is sure to grab attention.
  2. Choose the Perfect Category.
    Choosing the perfect category for your app makes it easier for users to spot your app, thus increasing the probability of download.
  3. Publish App Reviews and Ratings.
    Positive app ratings and reviews about your app have a great role to play in attracting prospective users.

Launching an app is one of the easiest steps, hope these ASO guide can be helpful to you.

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