questions regarding copyright/trademarks

I would like to ask some questions regarding infringement of copyrights/trademarks.

If I were to create a wallpaper app, say Naruto Wallpapers or Pokemon Wallpapers, and use wallpapers that are entirely self drawn by myself and edit them digitally, and put in the app to allow users to set them as wallpaper, is this counted as an infringement to google policy?
For both free app with ads and paid app, what are the chances that they will get remove?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think that would be counter under the infringement of the copyrights/trademark policy ! Because those images are drawn and edited by you so not by a chance… you can do that move forward ! Anyway I would also suggest to wait a little and see what other developers have to say about this one ! :slight_smile:

Sorry but the images would still infringe on the copyright and the title on the trademark.

Since you say can draw yourself, why not you draw a new type of cute character that are not copyrighted?

it does not matter, as long as the word Pokemon or Naruto is in the title or description Google will automatically suspend your app and account very quickly unless you can get proof that Pokemon or Naruto gave u explicit right to use their name.

even if it is 100% legal and you are using their names under fair usage rights and all the images are yours, the Google ban bot will ban the app and you will have a very small chance of appeal.

i don’t mean to sound negative, but Google is like that now.

Well, I haven’t though about this one … :open_mouth: I guess @simplychosse has given the @OP way more best idea if you can draw yourself why don’t you create you own cute character ??

So does that mean that if you use the word Facebook in the description to say something like “play with your Facebook friend” would be illegal?