questions for non-google play store - markets TIP PLS

Currently, all of my apps are uploaded in play store. I’m thinking of uploading in other markets as well. I would like to ask some tips for people who have done so. Right now, these are my questions in mind:

  1. What other markets other than Google play store are worth trying in your experience? (I saw in airpush website that there are dozens of non-play store markets)
  2. Do you need to change the package names of your apps when you upload to other markets?
  3. Can I upload the same apk I upload in GP?
  4. For admob and other ad networks, will it matter if I don’t add new metrics in the ad network’s dashboard for other markets?
  5. What is the most efficient way to make apk for other markets?
  6. Is there an efficient way to upload to other markets?
  7. Just curious. Is airpush still worth it for non-Google play markets?

If you have other tips other than my questions in mind, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

I use slideME, and mobango as of now. I use the same package name in 2 of them. In hindsight for better tracking of revenue and analytics, it makes sense to have separate package names.

Are you getting any downloads? I guess the most important question :slight_smile:

Not much at all. I have maybe a total of 200 downloads. :frowning:

Hoping its different on the Play Store or maybe my app just sucks. :slight_smile:

I am also trying to create an app to show people where they can take a personal loan in Singapore.

  1. Amazon and Samsung are somewhat worth it. They will get you around 10% (each) of the downloads you get on GP. I don’t know about country-specific stores (such as China).

  2. No

  3. Maybe, depends on the contents of your APK, but usually yes. But you have to tailor your code to behave differently on each store (ex: if someone downloaded your game on Amazon, dont even think about making a Google Play IAP purchase, or to send the user to the Google Play store to rate your app).

4/5/6) Didnt understand the questions

  1. No idea

I should also add that Amazon goes as far as prohibiting ads that link to Google Play, so a lot of in-app networks are off-limits.

I’m still using push and icon for my app I’ve published in PandaApp but getting crap downloads. 1-5 a week.

Anyone has tried “”?

How about it?

Tried it, but again less downloads. About 10 downloads in 6 days.

thanks guys for the tips

rottz. thanks for trying to answer it all.

i mean on
#4. Dont need to add new ad placement/app placements on ad networks for each markets uploaded? (I guess it’s not since you can use same package names)

#5. Just wondering if there are easier ways to make APKs rather than eclipse. hahaha

#6. Is there a place where you can upload once and it is uploaded to several markets? i’m not sure but i think i saw somewhere (mopub?) for this before or maybe i am mistaken.

  1. No, don’t need to do that. The same APK can be distributed through any means and the ad will work the same.

  2. Actually, the recommended way of making production APKs is through scripts (ant or bash, I guess you can do it with maven also). But Im lazy and I do it with Eclipse.

  3. Well, if you’re talking about those generic APK repository sites, then probably when you upload to one of them it gets scrapped and appears on the others. But I wouldn’t care about putting an app on those sites, unless you’re banned on Google/Amazon/Samsung.

Taken straight from their website:
InMobi App Publish helps you get your Android app limitless distribution across hundreds of appstores globally. With App Publish, you can instantly submit your app to 160+ unique appstores in just a few clicks.

App Publish | Mobile Advertising - InMobi

I have not tried it yet, but its worth a shot!

These indian ad networks have devised this method to attract developers. vserv was also offering this to me only if I integrate their sdk.