Questions about StartApp

So I read a lot of topics about StartApp and some things made me wonder.
They seem like a good Ad Network but they have bad reputation on this forum mostly because people are lazy/ignorant and got their apps suspended which is partly StartApp’s fault because their integration guide is bad.

So, Is StartApp 100% Google Play complaint? Do I need to show some dialog when user starts my app for the first time? Do they still change bookmarks and home page settings?

I guess you were reading old threads. I’m using the StartApp is-app SDK for some time without issues.
Nevertheless, I can’t recommend them because revenue dropped extremely for me. One year ago the revenue was good, but now there are better alternatives (Admob).

I see. But about Dialog and them changing Home Page and Bookmarks? They don’t do that anymore?

Hi, i am using Startapp since few months, and I think my ecpm is regular, what’s is your ecpm?? It is only for compare…

Damn startApp has resorted to talking to itself. This is the fakest conversation ever.

One created an account just to reply… lol haha

Hello Sab,

We no longer change bookmarks or home page settings, and users to do not have to review or agree to a EULA when entering your app for the first time. Our current SDK is 100% compliant with Google Play.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or reach out to support at: [email protected]