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I am wondering about something. How can I make particular keywords more relevant to my app? In particular, I know there are websites that offer to raise my app in the Play Store rankings by promoting keywords… I pay them lets say $20 for 200 installs according to what ever keywords I specify. They get 200 people to search the Play Store for my keyword and then choose my app from the list shown, install my app, and that bumps me up in the rankings. Fine and dandy, and it works.

But what if I choose a keyword where my app does not show up in the search? What if my app has a lot of competition, and is simply too low in the rankings to show up? How can I bump up my app for these types of keywords?

Current rank: application is not in top-250 or search rank error … pick keyword or add new

Hello, guys!
About get appropriate keywords of app, I have written an essay that have published on the blogs, hoping it can help you:

Keywords optimization is a process of researching, analyzing and choosing the optimal keywords of your app so that the potential users can find your app easily in app stores, and it is an useful method to bring more organic traffic and downloads to your app. Severing as a critical and necessary step in app store optimization, the app keywords will decide whether your app will be noticed by users and whether your app ranking will be increased in app stores.

The importance of optimizing keywords

Keywords are words or short phrases that you have to research when potential users search in the app stores to find your app. In other words, keywords should be added in app name, title and description to increase your apps’ exposure rate. It is limited in app keywords for there are only a certain amount of characters are allowed to use in it, this is the reason why it is so hard to find the appropriate keywords for your app.

Through optimizing app keywords, you will get the benefits at below:

  1. Get qualified traffic: You are guiding users to install your app, for the keywords that you choose are what users are searching for.

  2. Boost your app ranking: if the quality of your app keywords will be increased, which means that your app will be appeared in search result easily. Therefore, the ranking of your app will be increased accordingly.

  3. Know users’ behavior: By analyzing what the most popular keywords users are searching, you can get an idea of what they need and then improve your app to meet their expectation.

What is a good keyword?
Most app developers would like to choose keywords based on the times that users’ searching in app stores. However, it is absolutely the last thing that you should consider about when choosing a keyword. Here are 3 tips that you have to keep in mind during the process of choosing keywords:

relevance: it means that you should combine the keywords with the features of your app.
competition: your keywords should be competitive but not too difficult.
localization: the language of your app should be suit for the targeted users.

The methods of optimizing keywords

Keywords brainstorm
As the first step in your keywords research, you have to make a list of focus keywords. It is an effective method to know what you want to find by doing brainstorming. You can insure what the style of keywords that you want to find and then list some relevant keywords. Remembering all the keywords is relevant to your app rather than mirage.

Spy on competitors
The keywords of competitors is the precious resources for you, which can drive you find the targeted audiences’ interests and give you a right direction of creating your own keywords.

Localizing keywords
Localizing your keywords will have a huge effect on your visibility in the app stores among the non-English speaking countries. Most app developers prefer to make their apps in their native language so that they can get more installs. However, it is a worse idea. If you translated your app into different languages, there will be more chances for you to get more potential users all over the world.

Using Keywords analytic tools
There are lots of ASO services and analytic tools out there, including free and paid tools. The paid one is very expensive, so you can take advantage of these free trials to get more suitable keywords of your app. There are some useful tools that most app developers have used at below:

App Annie: it offers all kinds of analytics and app ranking data.
SensorTower: it offers the complete ASO package with detailed keyword analysis.
MobileDevHQ: it covers all your ASO needs.

Cooperate with a reliable app store optimization company
If you have try all the methods that I mentioned above, your app keywords have not be improved. Then you could buy app keywords installs from a reliable app store optimization company to help you, which can provide more professional services to choose the appropriate keywords for your app.

Keyword optimization is not a one-time thing, it’s an continuous process that needs you test and improve your keywords all the time. Therefore, in order to boost app ranking, you have to spare no effort to optimize your keywords combing the methods that I have mentioned above.

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Very important: incentivized installs can help you drive organic downloads, but it requires a larger amount of installs in most countries to reach a ranking that allows you to get organic traffic afterward

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