Question about Samsung and Amazon Store


I submitted an app to the samsung store a couple of days ago and it has a good daily number of downloads. Do you know if this happens only because it is in the “new apps” list? Will the number of downloads evetually decrease? What is the overall behavior of downloads at samsung store?

And what about amazon store?


I dont know about Samsung or Amazon, but back when google market had a just in section, you could get a 1000 or more downloafs a day just for submitting a new app or update. Just because it showed up at the top of the just in section. It would quickly be buried again but you could expect ovrt 1k doenloads for that day.

If you want to exists in those stores you’ll have to remove most probably Google’s in-app purchases (if you have ones) and the direct links which are not related with Amazon’s or respectively Samsung markets. Also when it comes to Amazon store from my observations I don’t think it’s worth a hassle, but as always each to their own…

as far as I can tell - downloads for amazon and samsung are nearly the same … amazon a bit better.

If your game is a big success you will not need other stores than google … Robo Miner is getting thousands of downloads per day on google, while it hardly reaches 20 at amazon or samsung … so if you ask me they are not really worth the effort… but if you have time, just go for it :wink:

Also remember, that if you do link something, has inapp purchase or licensing, all of that will not work in other stores … bad thing. Every store is cooking their own meal … very annoying.

Regarding Samsung, you application fall in section “New games”, so you on the first page. It’s like Google “Just In”. I am don’t know if apps update bring you back to the top.

How long does it take typically to get approved and listed on the Samsung app store (in terms of days) since starting registering and final appearance ?


around 2 weeks … i havent counted the days, but they have different stages so until your app is finally available it was around 2 weeks - it may depend on the amount of used devices also

However Samsung is a great brand but still i am unhappy with its service because this is promote their own website url on another apps that everyone submit over their

I’ve recently updated a game on Samsung Store and this is ridiculous. It takes them two weeks to accept it. :expressionless: I thought only the first release was so long.