Question about Facebook Ads Network Integration


I have just signed to FAN and integrated the sdk in one of my apps. I have created some placements for ads and now it seems that Facebook needs to review the app. The thing is, I haven’t uploaded any apk, just filled the name, the package of the app and added the hashes for debug and release.

Is this the only thing I have to do? I’m asking because don’t want to waste 2 days of waiting.

In the placements option for my app I am at the second step and all my placements have a text beside them which read: Enabled for testing and received advert request recently

Any help would be appreciated.


You won’t have to put in hashes or upload apk. Just integrate the sdk and send impression they will review your app and most probably accept it.

Thanks for your answer.

Just two more thing about the hashes.

  1. I followed the quickstar guide and it asked for them, perhaps this is a new addition?
  2. How are they going to review my app if they don’t know the link to appstore? Were you refereing to the facebook app I created?


  1. Yes i believe they only review the Facebook app

I was 1 week in the same step “Send ad request”, in the placements page in state “Enabled for testing and received ad request recently”.

After 1 week i’ve decided to upload more applications to see what happens.

I didn’t receive any mail or answer and the state is the same.

I see in performance my test requests…

There is a bug right. App are not getting approved for many devs they are fixing it