Question about Airpush payment method.

Hello guys, I am a new developer and I have started making some money with my android app recently. I have tried with admob and have some promising results. But now I want to try airpush instead of admob for some new app. The only problem is I can’t understand clearly about their payment method. I have taken a look at their site but I couldn’t find any useful information. So I want to ask anyone who have experiences about airpush:

  • Firstly I want to know the threshold for airpush monthly payment. And the schedule of their payment, if I reach the threshold at the end of this month, when will I receive my earning via paypal?
  • Secondly is about their weekly payment. I will be pay weekly if I can earn 200$ in a week or I just need to reach 200$ in my total earning? And if I have to earn 200$ in a week, how do airpush verify it? They will take the total earning from the beginning of a week to the end for verifying, or they will take total earning in any 7-days period time?

Thanks :o

they pay every week. $200 is minimum. They will take the total earning from the time you were last paid

Thank you. Do you mean if in some week I reach 200$ in my total earning then they will paid for me then? So how long does it take for me to receive my payment via paypal after that week?


We have a $10 revenue threshold for Paypal and $50 for ACH. If you make $200/wk or more you will be eligible for weekly pay. Weekly payments are made on each Friday for the previous Sunday - Saturday week.


i have 2 top chart game wich are monetized with airpush
i have good results but the problem is that … i have set every thing about paypal … last time it was saying that the payment will be performed on the 15 january … on the 15 january that change to 15 febrary … and today it change to 15 march ??? is that normal ?