Question about admob

Hi, I have been banned from Google Play and wallet. But I haven’t received email from admob. Is it normal? So developer account terminated but admob continue working.

I used my father email to create developer account, wallet and admob, but my bank account to receive the money.

If so, could I create another developer account? Or I have to use another address, bank account…? Or is no possibility and I will get banned inmediately?

Sorry, so tedious and questions, but I’m newbie to all this problems in Google Play.


Your admob is normal.
You need use another card, new address to create new developer account.

Thanks invipro. So, I have to create new google play developer account with other email, other address and other credit card. But what about admob? Should I have to create new account? Should I have to change email in this admob account and use the new google play email?