Question about Admob

Does anyone know what Active View Viewable really is?
Mine was about 88 % for the last month but has dropped to below 50 % since i updated to latest appodeal sdk, rpm has also dropped to half.
I think it is because banners refresh much faster in this sdk, should i set banner refresh to 30 seconds or 1 minute?

The refresh rate on your banners really depend on your app.
Too many refreshes can be nice sometimes but really annoy the user. Not enough refreshes and you don’t see as much $$$.
Try different times, see what happens.

Rozek, do you have any idea what Active View Viewable is and why it might go down from 88 % to 45 % after i added more levels to my games?
After i made the jump from 30 levels to 70 levels my admob rpm has been cut in half.

I have ads on my app exit. When user press back button to exit app ads show up, my ad company is not admob.
Is it against to google play or not?

I read that link but its too technical for me too really understand, what does viewable ad mean and how do they measure if an ad is viewable or not?

How they measure? Not sure.
Possible that your ratio changed by adding more banners.