Puzzles for Kids

Puzzle games for kids invite all the fans of cool games for kids to embark on a mission with jigsaw puzzles for kids! Take a chance and become a real puzzle maker in puzzles for kids!
Puzzles for Kids provides the following options:

✹ 50+ pictures to play
✹ Choose number of pieces to play with, ranging from 4 to 49
✹ Choose square or classic shapes of puzzles
✹ Free hints to help you solve the puzzle when you get stuck
✹ Preview mode makes it easier to solve puzzle.Turn it off for more challenging game play
✹ Set solved puzzle as WALLPAPERS
✹ Share kids jigsaw puzzles on Facebook

Try it for free on Google Play:

Selfie Puzzle iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/selfie-puzzle/id1099433404?mt=8

My daughter is accurately like.
In addition, it is useful for the development of children.We will try!:smiley:

Personally, I think it is OK(I am adult). Maybe, some kids like it while some not. While it get so many negative reviews which are not good for your app.

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