Push ads in non updated apps

I have question to developers who are using push ads. After September 21 you planning to turn off push ads for applications that have not been updated by the users?

Why we should turn off push ads?
We must publish updated applications without push ads.

only before september 21…after 21, push notification ads are forbidden

ah, interesting question!

so the problem is, what to do to :
“User that don’t update to our newly-updated-google-compliant apps will still get push ads and icon ads”

is it safe that user still HAVE the previous version that STILL give push ad?
do google requirement is only to the DASBOARD or to ALL USER?

Google can consider reported by user abuse for non current version of application?

i don’t know, but it sound stupid if that happen.
why not banned the user instead?

No it’s September 23rd.

21 or 23 ? :smiley:

But we should turn off notifications after 23rd September?

Nothing wrong with dev, We can not force users to have a latest updates.

I really doubt it. Most of the time I don’t think we could actually turn them off?

Either way, Google should only really be judging apps as of their latest build. It would be incredibly backwards if they banned app’s older versions.

The policy update refers to “apps and updates to apps published from 8/23” and “developers have been given 30 days to comply”. So I understand that old versions are not subject to new policy.

And I think the deadline is 9/21 (30 days from 8/23).

lol yeah
user can be stupid, but i hope not google too

anyway it’s 3 day again then…
maybe i just update it all with starapp, then thinking about it later? :confused:

For push and icon can’t we just disable these ad units from our dashboard (airpush). Since it shows all ad units that are enabled per app i think theortically you can just shut ad units in violation off.

But why we must shut push ads in dasboard? Push ad is a feature of app version. When we publish new app version user should update app.

I don’t think anyone is saying we are required to stop all push ads, just discussing it.

All my current app versions will all be compliant with the new policy, but I am not deactivating ads from old builds of my apps.

@A1ka1inE what ad unit do you plan to use instead push ads?

I don’t really have a replacement like most other developers.

I’m focusing on Banners and Interstitials with some PPD units included.

Some apps are going to use PingJam and other out-of-app solutions, but I’m waiting for things to settle before I do that.

I’m also giving MobiMicro a go!

@A1ka1inE - Will You only update apps with notifications and won’t do anything in network’s dashboards to stop pushing adds?
Is ok with new Policy, because for example TapContext will do this (turn off serving pushed) by us - developers.

EDIT: I think users don’t update so often so revenue from “notupdating” users can still quite ok - from week to week smaller but still for some time.

I will not disable push notifications for my “old” app versions aswell. Hopefully google is not that dumb to ban apps/accounts for using pushes in earlyer releases.
I’ll try to compensate the loss of revenue with Appwalls/Interstitals and Video ads (if you need advice on which video ads to choose, pm me) and then try to make my users open my apps more often (thru push remiders).