push ad = virus?

A bit of IT metaphysics:p
I’m not judging, just asking. I’ve been thinking about it and can’t get it right.
Push ad networks are scanned as viruses by anti-viruses.

My opinion: They do send ads when the app is not started. But they don’t spread over machines like viruses. So maybe yes, maybe no.

What’s your opinion?

At worst they are ad-ware. I say at worst, since you can easily opt-out from them in general and so the user has full control over the situation.

Anti-virus apps don’t typically label them as “virus” from what I’ve seen, and tend to indicate that they are just a threat in some manner. Obviously there are tons of these anti-virus apps, so you will get an array of varying results from them.

In general nothing harmful comes from them since the ad networks do effectively screen the ads they serve, although a few do seem to slip through from time to time.

The people who label them as “virus” or “trojan” etc are only re-iterating what the anti-virus apps and online communities have spoon fed them.

I do believe they will be here for some time to come and that they will become more greatly accepted on the Android platform, since notifications from apps are becoming much more common and Google hasn’t banned their actual usage to this day.

Samsung apps banned push ads a couple of weeks ago…Hope play store do not do the same…it would mean suspension of a lot of apps from play store,and end of many popular ad-networks…:eek:

Ah yes, good point!

I believe Samsung only did that as part of their cleanup process they’ve got going on at the moment. They are trying to make the most out of their mobile success naturally and they obviously saw push ads as a bad thing for their image.

As you say, if Google follow the same path there would be a massive amount of suspensions etc. For that reason I believe they won’t do that any time soon. That’s why their changed the ad policy the way they did last year. They knew it would be better to make a compromise on out-of-app ads, rather than to suspend them altogether.

Well…I think push ad is somehow intrusive and spammy…It does help to bring more installs and more ads revenue in most situation but at the same time may draw very bad customer reviews. You need to make a balance and think well before you try it. Just bear in mind that good user experience is the most important thing. Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs:) And here is an interesting experiment on Push notifications. as well comparing the final results by different ads formats.