PureApp Studio - hello from Spain

Hello to everyone from: Spain – Sunny Marbella

My name is Anton; I am a co-founder of PureApp Studio, a very new Android development company. We have developed our first app, which is called Teenage Tracker; maybe you heard of it, we have been picked up by couple of websites and TV news channels, when we released our app as a free beta version on Google Play.

As a team we are really exited to join here as we have not really been public too much and we have left all the news and rumors to keep on going, but now we thought it is time to come and meet everyone.

So here we are… Hope if you ever seen our app, you do not think badly of it as the whole idea of its purpose has been misunderstood.

So here we are, to reach out to everyone and see what everyone think of our creation so far and to learn what else we can create, to collaborate, to improve and to be a part of community where we can be welcomed.

So once again, Hello from Sunny Marbella!