Purchasing a marketing package


I have been developing and selling a marketing package for Android users for almost 2 years now and have helped many developers to promote their app. Please see my current offer bellow and feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any questions.

We would like to introduce our marketing approach for your Android app in two easy steps:

  1. Make your Google Play page look very attractive
  • Downloading and adding 100 5-star ratings and 10 positive reviews to the app
  • Removing negative comments from your front page
  • Adding 250 Google Plus 1’s
  • Creating a professional YouTube video
  • Adding 2.000 views and 150 Likes to your YouTube video
  • Adding 250 Likes to your Facebook page
  1. Driving traffic to the Google Play page
  • Creating new threads on 15 most visited Android forums
  • Submitting the app to 50 most popular Android review writing websites
  • Posting reviews on different Twitter pages with a total of 3 million followers
  • Posting on the most popular Facebook groups with a total of 300.000 members
  • Posting the app in adds on various sites through the web which generates 100+ views per day for 1 month

Price Standard Package: $280

Additional upgrades:

  • Add 25.000 views and 1.000 Likes to your YouTube video for $100
    ¬- Add 10.000 Facebook Likes for $150
  • Add 1.000 app downloads, ratings and comments for an additional $800
  • Add 1.500 Google +1’s for an additional $100
  • Remove negative comments for $10 per comment

A list of all the forums, review sites, Facebook pages and Twitter pages will be provided after the promotion is completed.

any samples?