publishing time

Hi to all MoneyMakers,

Recently there was several posts about enlongated publishing time at Google Play Store. I am wondering what is the time those days, anything changed in that matter ? I would like to synchronise some events and I would like to know when to push “Publish” to see my game in saturday at the store. Thanks in advance.


In our case, google approves apps within 3 hours :wink:

I guess that’s cool, good for you and thanks for info

publishes within hours but may not be indexable for days or weeks.

That sounds a little disturbing, I presume there are no strict rules or regulations related to “indexing process”, right ?

There’s not. My app was indexable after few hours. Maybe in the same time when it was aprooved. I published it in the evening and in the morning it was online and indexable. There’s no 100% rule to predict that I think.

I’ve been having the same issue for some reason, but I don’t remember it taking this long to be indexed in the search in the past. I published 2 apps Friday, and they still don’t show up in the search as of this morning unless you wrap the search with double quotes…Time will tell I guess.