Publish before or after Easter?

My game is finally finished. Now I have a question. When is the best day to publish the game? Easter is coming and I thought it will be good to publish it before because will people have some free time. On the other hand they are visiting families etc and don’t have time for playing games. How do you think? Is it worth to hurry up?

We don’t plan any marketing action. Only posting on forums, asking friends to publish on their fb wall etc.

That could be a good idea, but other apps and games will also benefit from this period if there is benefit to be had from it.

It might be worth doing, but there’s no guarantee. If you don’t mind waiting then you may as well do it.

I will almost certainly release before Easter. Even if there is a negative impact first days are always low anyway - at least for me.

Before and After Easter Activities and Ideas for Lent to Pentecost.

And what can you guys say about publishing time. I am planning to meet with my 2nd developer teammate at one evening and do the following:

  1. Translate description using google transaltor for languages we couldn’t handle ourselves or with some friends
  2. Application is in test mode right now so i think publishing it it’s only clicking “publish” right?
  3. I hope it will be up until we will get ready with forums etc
  4. Writing on all forums we find + websites with free review (btw do you know about some kind of lists of such forums/websites on makingmoneywithandroid forum?)
  5. Gonna write to every friend in fb “hello” and after he answers ask him for download, rate, comment, publish on his fb wall. It depends is he good friend or not. I certainly won’t ask guy which I haven’t spoke to for few years to publish on fb wall.
  6. Hoping that it will be ok and go to sleep:)

What do you think about the plan?

If you made a game about easter, it would be perfect :slight_smile:

For your point 3 think about reddit (saturday appReciation) and xda-developpers forum.