Publish app in Android stores China

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I’ve developed an app, which I also want to publish in Chinese Appstores. I’ve an adress in China, so business license and tax number isn’t a problem. Now have I heard that I need a computer copyright registration before I can publish my app. Has anyone of you ever heard of that, or know it’s true or not?

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I don’t know about it but you 100% need chinese national ID to register in chinese appstores

Chinese market only open for Chinese.

Not true for all markets. I have an account in 2 Chinese markets and I am not Chinese, nor did I try trick them think I am.
However, majority of apps get refused.

can you give me the chinese app store link?

mobogenie and moborobo are both chinese appstores one has a dev console other you have to email the apps [email protected]

What about

Actually there’re two types of Chinese Appstores,one for Mainland China users,and the other for users out of Mainland China,which one do you want?

I’m a chinese and web developer. i use top30 app store in China. i can help you publish your Android app in Chinese app store.

If you want to publish your app to China,send email to me. My email is [email protected]

Emailed you, quite interested in how you would go about doing this…

check email,please

wandoiuja accepts ids from other countries.

There are companies selling services to help your app get listed in china stores.
Just to add please add simplified,traditional chinese translations.
China users are still more comfortable with chinese characters.
But for those of them educated in overseas,English for them is ok.

will you please share some links of companies which help in app publishing in china.

welcome send email to me. my email is [email protected]

Do you want to distribute your apps in Chinese market at present? Hope we can cooperate. [email protected]

Chinese Appstores will reject app if apps had ads

My appstore isn’t chinese but theres traffic INTL …anyways you can register @ 1Appmarket Developer Console …if you decide to upload turn off any ad blockers (we’re fixing it so it will upload either way)

Be sure to have quality Simplified Chinese translation for your app before listing in China app stores.

Many so-called Chinese agents are actually from Taiwan/Hong Kong, and they use Traditional Chinese, which is slightly different to Simplified Chinese in Mainland China. It’s like US English and UK English. Many Chinese users don’t like the style of translation from HK/Taiwan. Your app might be screenshotted and mocked in some internet forums or chat groups just because of its hilarious translation. :D:D

china app store is getting popular now a days