Publish 1000 apps with same UI and skin

I want to publish 1000 or more apps with same UI, skin and source code. Just difference is their content

For example:
one app about travel to USA
another about travel to England
and …

Is it legal for google play?

No, that would fall under the “spam” section which they prohibit. You might get away with it if you are crafty, but most likely not.

Why spam ? contents are different!

You can publish a set of apps which are similar in UI, and content to be different, as you exampled the difference beeing in the country involving each app. However, there aren’t 1000 countries, so maybe try cities, yet I am quite sure Google would put your in the Spam section as you could have made only one app, with some option to change either the country or whatever. 1000 is a lot anyway. :slight_smile:

It is spam because you could make ONE app with all that information. You are purposefully making 1000 apps just to try game the system. Unfortunately for you, Google hires smarter people than you.

My experience is only limited to Themes or LiveWallpaper.
Most themes have the same simple source code and there are 10000s of them on the market. So at least in this case it’s not considered as Spam from Google.
I don’t know about travel guide apps…

Should be ok, this is no different than blasting 5,000 live wallpapers.

what do you guys use to automate it some kind of continuous integration ?

that is lame and false. look how many duplicate apps you got spread across accounts:

Well that totally lame of submitting same kind of apps over market .I am not sure how quickly he will get banned but definitely sure these app are not gonna strive a major earning chart for him

I’m just saying it officially falls under that clause “To help ensure the best experience for Android users, Google Play policies prohibit the publication of spam. Please do not publish unwanted, deceptive, repetitive or irrelevant content on Google Play. Not only will it lower your app’s rating and cause negative reviews, it can result in your app being suspended or your developer account being terminated.”

You may well get off without an issue, but there’s a risk there for sure.

Why are you quoting me?

Compared to some people or what the OP wants to do, I don’t think you are actually spamming the market. But I guess it means something to you as the first 2 links stopped working after you changed the developer name.

@saadat68 do you think that handling 1000 versions of the same app is actually good?

  • Update 1000 apps because you found a bug or just because you want to change your ad network.
  • You are giving 1000 opportunities to Google finish your account

And the list goes on…

Too much work and risks to fail, when you can clearly make one app…

Look at this guy for example, he practically has the same app for each country in the world

or these

There are certain advantages for having different apps instead of one. When people search
for a London city guide they will put “London” in the search terms and a generic app will probably
be further down the list. Another is the size of the app, if you want to include all the info in the package
(you could download the info afterwards ofc)

I don’t think there will be an issue if you have a travel guide for 20 cities in 20 different apps.
I do not know about 1000, the size of the account will attract attention. Why don’t you ask
google play support.

I think you will be fine publishing 1000 travel apps for different topics, as long as your icon, screenshots, description and content is different. but I can bet you $1000 bucks you won’t publish 1000 apps :wink: even in a 1000 days.

Yeah, 1000 days or for doing this he needs a whole system for generating apk, icon, screenshots, title, description, publishing apk. Manually prepare content. About 10-50 gp accounts and proxies to upload.
But it’s not worth it. :wink: