Public opinion on use of ads and app discovery of Android apps - What would you ask?

Hello everyone,

I created last night a quick survey to gather the opinion of users on usage of ads through mobile apps and how they discover apps to download.

Since recently, support was added to the tool to ask people in order to enter their opinion and I was curious and excited also to ask such questions and see what will be the responses.

This was just a small sample/experiment to see if users will share their opinion and also get an idea on the potential in order to structure something bigger with involvement also of other fellow android developer that share common concerns.

Some of the questions were:

  • During what stage of the app experience do you prefer to be shown an ad?

    My top answer: When opening or closing, not during.

  • How do you usually find the apps that you download?

    My top answer: Friends or I just search the Google app store

  • Do you think a developer deserves to get money from ads for time spent to create an app? If not please specify why.

    My top answer is this: Yes i think that a developer deserves to get money from ads they work hard to make apps and the deserve money from those apps whitch they make

  • If you had to see an ad, what type of ad you would prefer to see?

    My top answer: Anything that applies to my interests!

Results are quite interesting:

So what I would like to suggest? Since most of the people here are android developers like me, what would you think if we can create a list of top questions we would like to ask users directly and get some insights. I can launch this survey to thousands of mobile users and we can gather real insights here for the community.

Please comment below with a question you would like to see in such a survey if you would like to contribute