Providing GENUINE app reviews using unique IPs on the Play Store

I’m from Buyandroidappreview we are providing GENUINE app reviews for free applications on the Play Store!

We’re running incentivized offerwalls, so your apps are installed on real devices by real users - no emulators / BlueStacks and no fake accounts.
Currently, we deliver around 1000 reviews per day.

If you’re interested, send me a private message.



It’s against ToS to Buy reviews…

At least make some minimal effort and write your own text instead of copying ours…

I know that fake reviews are against Google TOS but all of our reviews are real users which are provided using different type of mobile devices and different IPs. So they are all real. We are following TOS.


Hi, Actually the services i am providing are similar to yours, so if i copied than i think there will not be any problem.


Developers must not attempt to change the placement of any Product in the Store, or manipulate any product ratings or reviews by unauthorized means such as fraudulent installs, paid or fake reviews or ratings, or by offering incentives to rate products.

It also applicable on services you are providing.

We do not offer any ratings or reviews - and the exact reason why we cannot offer them is that they don’t comply with the Publisher Terms.

So all I’m doing is pointing out that your service doesn’t comply with Google’s terms.
It probably works as well as some other good rating services which exist, but you’re sending a wrong message here to newcomers in the forum:

You’re claiming that it’s allowed to incentivize / reward or pay for ratings which isn’t true and which is the case why MANY apps have been banned by Google in the past.
This was mostly limited to app publishers offering some kind of ingame bonus for a positive rating of their app and doesn’t neccessarily apply to rating services (since most services go undetected).

It’s still important to point out that incentivized ratings are strictly forbidden by Google - if they weren’t, all big advertising companies would offer this kind of service since it’s a gold mine.


INCENTIVIZED RATINGS CANNOT BE TRACKED BY THE GOOGLE AS THEY ARE ALL REAL USERS. SO NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING BANNED, instead you are just trying to prove that your service is good and others are providing bad service. I am doing marketing and Promotion from the past 2+ years and i know exactly what is good for apps and what is bad. Instead of buying incentivized downloads the best thing for developers and publishers is to promote their apps in a genuine way. And this bring real results.