Protecting Google Play Publisher Account from being banned?

Hello Fellow Developers,

There is some agreement among us that if 3 or more than 3 apps of a Google Play Publisher Account are suspended , then that account and all the other Publisher Accounts of that developer are instantly terminated (I have been a victim of the same :frowning: , thanks to Google’s vague policies and non-informative suspension mails )
Now,suppose someone creates lots of Developer Accounts and does not put more than 3 apps in any of the accounts, then does it probably make the accounts protected from suspension? because even though some of the apps may get suspended but there cant be 3 or more than 3 suspended apps on the same account?
What do you guys think?

For serious reasons(heavy spamming etc) Google can ban the whole account only because of 1 app.

It’s not an official rule that 3 app suspensions = terminated account, but yeah, in most cases it happens like this.

Nothing can protect anyone from being banned by Google, it’s their house and it’s their rules.

I don’t know why so many people in this forum are scared of beng banned.

Create your own idea, do your own stuff, make quality content, don’t spam and watch out for copyright infringements. It’s not that hard to follow these simple rules and if you do, you’re good to go :wink:

Some people here supposedly done that and still got banned. The policies change often and competition soemtimes can make up a report or DCMA request against you. But you are partially right - following rules gives you 95% chance you will keep the account. On adMob that percentage is much lower.

Yoh have to also keep in mind that following the rules to the letter means you stand no chance agaist those that don’t care (for example if you really avoid SEO in description and name of the game you will sink in search results).

If you’re playing by the rules the best thing to do is to get some contacts at Google and Admob, preferably via phone.
Very hard to do I know, but once you push serious numbers they get in contact.
Create a working relationship and you’ll be far more secure.