promotional video - is it worth it?

Hello all,

I thinking about making an promotional video for my application but it don’t know if it’s worth the effort. Did anyone here made a promo video and can share the information about the download number increase? Did you buy a professional video or did you make your own? Is it worth to make a video that just shows how to use the app?

I made some short videos for some games but I saw no increasing in the number of downloads.

My games with more downloads don’t have videos.

OK, thanks for the info mate.

yes videos don’t seem to give any boost. But adding adsense in youtube videos and putting them in app generates some revenue.

Also: promo video is a requirement for being featured on Google Play (if you are so lucky!)

Are you sure?
There is no official info about it: Add preview assets to showcase your app - Play Console Help

I think you are new around here :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting idea to make some money on the people that view your google play page but don’t download:)
Can you share some statistics regarding the preformance of those YouTube AdSense ads? I’ve hear a couple of time that 1000 views on YT is worth about 1$. What’s your experience with YT?

@TurboJohn: afaik, YouTube videos linked from Google Play don’t get ads…

Didn’t make a difference for my apps. My app with the most downloads have no video

videos are a great tool for those actually seeking this content - but these are usually businesses. Focus on getting the word out on your app clearly and in the least amount of words as possible. You only have a short attention span to really hook a user.

Good luck!

I think it makes a slight difference with certain types of apps, specifically games. It is in no way a deal breaker but helps advertise the app and gives that polished look to the Play Store listing. I had 150+ views of my video during the past month with 1100+ downloads. How many are Youtube views vs. Google Play views? I don’t know. How many made the decision to download my app after viewing the video? I don’t know.

It only cost $5 and saved me hours of figuring it out and getting a camera to record it. I am happy with it and the video was amazing! I would do it again, but only for my top apps. I had it done on fiverr (not a referrer link)

make video review of your ios or android app - fiverr

It might be a good idea to invest in a video if your app or game is something novel. The video can function as a sort of tutorial on how to use the app or play the game. This could potentially increase user engagement and user retainment which will help you earn more money per download.

Hello TurboJohn

Yes it matters. Make sure that your promotional video looks good and be sure use keywords on your youtube description. What I suggest keep it simple and clean. The more you add to your Google play the better it show cases…

So it looks like it depends on your app. It may boost your downloads or not, and the only way to find out is to take the risk and make the video…:slight_smile:
I think I’ll give it a shot when I’ll have some spare time on my hands.

Trust me, a Promo video can really do wonders for your app promotion, especially now with the added feature to include a video in your app description on play store. When I made my video, I had a few pointers in mind:

  1. It should use animation, it helps connect with the viewer.
  2. It should definitely have as many screen-captures as possible of my product for familiarizing the user with its use.
  3. The video should be easy to understand and start with the basics.
  4. As you can see in the video, first the problem that is faced is introduced in maybe 30-40 secs and then the solution.
  5. Include humor wherever possible to keep it light and friendly.

Hope it helps when you make your’s too :slight_smile: