Promotion is everything for benefits

Developers need to come through the wide chain of actions where they meet their project be completed decently and tested many times.

But to get the benefits you need your users download and use your application, then you will get profits and enrich yourself.

Here I would list main steps you need to make to meet success::wink:

1) Get press, be hearing! Get more publicities and place about your App as much as possible. It is very important channel of app promotion and you will generate interest around your App;

2) Alive your App’s Page. Users are encouraged when they see that your app is in demand and it impresses if there are many installs and positive reviews. Sometimes it hard to resolve issue of getting a lot installs and relevant reviews - in case of limit time you do can order service of incent traffic where motivated people provide you install sand reviews along with high ratings. The best platform which has a huge base of motivated users is [b]Keenmob[/b]i- they will help you to boost traffic and place stable reviews.
3) Create public group in social media.
Here you can list the main advantages of your app, place special offers for potential clients, Quizzes, contests and updates

In conclusion, I would say that you have no time to put down your App promotion and let it on chance - you must do your best to reach desired result. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I completely agree that promotion is everything for benefits.

Promotion strategy perform a very Important role for app install and app visibility.

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