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I have a new app which has a really low active install percentage, around nine percent. I believe it is because it is a new app with too few users at the moment and users get discouraged when they do not find another user. How can I gain more active installs with this issue?

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Most probably your app is boring

  1. Invest in marketing, so you get critical mass fast
  2. Sit there yourself 24/7
  3. Create bots

Hi there, based on my experience, here are some effective app promotion methods for u:

Buy App Installs
As you mentioned “users get discouraged when they do not find another user”, you are right. For example, there are two apps, one is with 500 downloads and the other has 10000 downloads, which one will you choose? So buy app installs is a great way to promote app, which can also boost your app ranking in app stores.

Buy Positive App Reviews and 4/5-star Ratings
Data shows that 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps and 75% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app. So it’s also an effective ways to promote app.

App Store Optimization
App store optimization, which aims to boost app ranking in app stores, boost app visibility. Data shows that over 70% of downloads come directly from a search in app stores. So it one of the most effective ways to market app. You can do it by conducting keyword research to find the best keyphrases to target, creating a winning copy for the description and use the keywords in it. Also creating an eye-catching title, and add screenshots and a video. And the most important part is keywords, here are some tips on keywords optimization.

  1. Follow these 3 key tips when choosing your keywords:
    [li]Look for keyword relevant to your app
    [/li][li]Choose keywords with lower difficulty scores
    [/li][li]Choose keywords having highest traffic scores

  2. Tips on How to choose keywords
    [li]Write down some key phrases
    [/li][li]Rely on app reviews or analysis tools
    [/li][li]Spy on your competitors
    [/li][li]Check app descriptions
    [/li][li]Search suggestions

  3. Tips on keywords optimization:
    [li]Use all 100 characters
    [/li][li]Separate every keyword by a comma
    [/li][li]Avoid space, articles and prepositions
    [/li][li]Use singular OR plural, the easier one to rank for
    [/li][li]Don’t repeat keyword

Hope those methods are useful to you.