Promoting for US Attention

Hi Guys

The US download numbers of Robo Miner are very small and it looks like they stalled while in europe things are very good.

I wonder if there are any suggestion how to get more attention from US Users. Any Thoughts?

Maybe Americans don’t like Robo Miner …? :slight_smile:

I had a $100 voucher for AdWords. I have spend it to promote Dental Drill only in the US because download rates were very low. Did not do anything good. Download did not increase at all.

So this might be the wrong way…

I dont think that adwords is the appropriate method to go for android apps … .is it currently possible to restrict the ads on mobile websites only?

They have added a lot of possibilities to restrict your campaigns. So you can now target mobile devices and even which plattform (IPhone or Android etc.)

If you link into the app store/google play your campaign is handled more or less like an AdMod ad and is displayed in games using Admob (you can monitor the urls/apps your campaign was displayed/clicked).

So I could just use admob - where I would be able to transfer funds internally … but will not get any voucher :-p correction: i get 20% as bonus, when transfering - nice

I have the opposite problem. Nearly all my users are from the US (around 75-80%). But I guess that is to be expected from apps that are not games and not translated to any other language.

I would help you promote by throwing a few ads for your game in my apps but my best app only has 13k downloads and the majority of its users are females. With as many downloads as your awesome game has I doubt that would make any meaningful difference in the number of downloads that you get.

My only advice is try really hard to get a blog to review your game. That may increase the US audience that you see. There are even some blogs you can pay to review it. I’ve never made enough money to even consider paying for a review or for advertising. My promotional budget is staying at zero until I start making some real money. That way the only thing I’m putting into this is my time.

So far this has been my philosophy as well. Putting lots of time into building & promoting my Android apps, but no money (except for things like the $25 sign-up fee for the Android Market, which paid itself off months ago)

I think there’s lots you can do just by dedicating time to a project. And it’s easy to spend lots of money on advertising with no result, if you’re not careful.

reiti, I was thinking, you could try an admob and only check the United States. For most people I wouldn’t recommend this because they’ll probably never get their money back, but Robo Miner seems very popular already and seems to be making you decent money, so spending just 50 bucks probably isn’t that much of a risk. In 5 days they’ll get you around a million impressions. Worth a shot, if nothing else is working.

US Downloads has started to rise this month (while german and russia are decreasing). My house ads are generting a CTR of 1.5% so maybe yes, could be possible that admob will drive me some downloads.

1 mio imps would be 15.000 clicks (with my ctr) - more or less - that could mean a very good push for downloads.

But cause of things are still “alive” I will not do any campaigns currently. I have some good features in my next updates and maybe then I will try to drive more attention again … Currently I want to watch how US downloads are doing.

The way the admob campaign works is you pay for clicks. And they give you however many impressions it takes to get that many clicks. Each click is 1 cent. So for $50 you’d get 5000 clicks. When I ran it it took about a million impressions to get 5000 clicks. Those 5000 clicks turned into 150 downloads. This is where the not worth it part comes in. If your game is good and popular you’ll probably do a lot better than 150. Anyway, if you got something working anyway, might as well see how it turns out. Save your money.