promoting app question

How to promote app to get installs and users?

We just finished our app and would like your expertise on how we can get people to install it ?

Can you please share some useful posts on the subject or any tips you may have?

It depends on the app and your budget. Can you provide some more details about your app?

Well my budget is $1 per install
And my app is a bibble app, with quotes from bibble

you can start with Facebook mobile app ads, but it will take a while before you can master it.

ads on facebook or admob are the best as i know

facebook = low price per install but needs a good targeting skills
admob = it will do everything for you but the much you pay the better you get high quality installs
facebook ads
appbrain ads - 0,20$ / install works really fast now

do not invest in blind promotion like admob, if you have $1/install budget, it’s useless for you

You can try also ASO and free promotion methods :wink:

Is admob free for android?I was thinking about use it myself.

Any expert can help advice on facebook targeting?

I think facebook is the best platform available to launch your app. However as someone mentions, you need to learn about the targeting techniques first. Without a suitably modified and designed campaign you may end up with a very low return ratio. But remember that, each of the systems mentioned above other than the FB will do it as a service only. So, having such a volatile popularity cant help you in securing long term results. Therefore, facebook and other social media platforms are the best as, there isnt any possibility of bots or human kind of bots installing your app for nothing but to generate some revenue

Hi Dexter

Can you share the app URL
Is it only for android or also Apple store?

If the app is good we can help you in getting users


if you are looking for free app promotion. Here are the 5 tips
Blogging on Sites: Be generic and precise, but don’t forget to add your link in that blog, ask your friends to reply to that blog eventually it may reach many.
Social Networking: This is very easy and the most influencing way to market. Post your Games, Apps and even blogs (promotional materials) you have created and Videos if any, about your game. But be cautioned do not spam in social media else you may get blocked.
Forum Posting: One of the organic and traditional marketing is forum posting. Post your promotional materials in forums and discussions. Again do not spam in the forum as it may irritate the users and may lead to negative review.
Video Marketing: Create a video about your App or Game and make a Youtube channel. Promoting this video creates a vision within users and may last long within them.
Review Sites: It is also important for others to review your game. The review sites will be best suiting for reviewing your game, there are both free and paid reviews. Choose paid reviewing if you want the same.
There are nearly 500 websites which includes forum, paid and free review website which would be useful in marketing your Apps or Games.
Try these tips well and be careful by not overdoing stuff.

If you are willing to spend budget on advertising you can try

  • Facebook app promotion. You can find it here
  • Adsota, a reliable advertising network that i have been using. you can find it here


hey @ dextor

the subject of your app, itself is quite a promising one. You can even start gaining some free downloads by using Facebook cleverly. Just design a moving page, keep it updated with motivational quotations and introduce them with your application. You can start by targeting certain countries whom people are still connected with the religion. as an example Philippines is one such country. They are too friendly, and their groups remain flooded with the stuff related with your application.

  1. there are several big websites operating to bring people near to the bible, contact their webmasters and ask them to facilitate your app on their pages.

  2. You can even submit your app in the Christian freebies websites.

From admob you can get install but depends how your game or app is? Good screenshort,video,social media sharing are important too.