Promoting a game on admob


we are planning to release and promote a game on ADMOB. Just wanted to know if admob is cost effective? Generally how many downloads will it generate per dollar?

+1, I’d like to get some more data too. How much money are you planning to spend? I heard admob is NOT cost effective and you can expect like $1 CPI or worse. I think the cheapest way is appbrain. Some people had good results with Facebook, but some others had terrible results with them, it really depends on many factors, like targetting (this is very important factor) and the quality of the app and screenshots / landing page. Some people suggest instagram shoutouts, but there is even less data, and like with Facebook, it really depends on many factors.
There also are incentivised installs, like Tapjoy or ayet-Studio, and since it seems like it couldn’t work (people download your app just to get coins in other app), many big apps do advertise with them, that means it works for them somehow.
If anyone would like to share their experience about that, please do so, I’m also interested :slight_smile:
@onemorelevel - when you’re done with your promotion, please report your results.

First off, before you begin to market your app, you want to outline your goals.

Do you want to hit the top spot in a category in the app/play store?


Are you simply look to acquire users in an existing games and back out monetization on these users? (Growth)

If you’re just launching your game and looking to get to the top spot in the app/play store so you can fuel organic growth, using a ad network can be effective, but extremely expensive. I wouldn’t pursue this strategy unless you have a good budget for it ($5,000 or more as a test). Expect to pay about $1 per instal in this method, so you’ll net only about 5,000 installs. On the other hand, you’re paying directly for performance (installs only) so while you may only get 5,000 installs, you may get views from 5,000,000 people (at a .1% install rate which is average).

If you’re looking to just hit the top spot in the app/play store, I’d look into ASO techniques. A lot of people on this forum can teach you the basics and share their knowledge. A quick google search can also yield a lot of interesting results. You can probably also hire someone to do this for you.

Building your app is just one step of creating a good living from apps. Marketing and learning the business is probably a good 70% of actually building a good mobile app business.

Best of luck!

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Are you sure Allagainstyou? They paid me 50-80$ for thousand of clicks, so either Admob gain a very big profit here or you have to expect 13-20 clicks/download. Isn’t it too low? or it’s normal? not that I care anymore, I’ll change my Ad network in the end of this month anyway.

Edit: so Admob is good isn’t it?

@Android Newbie

Impressions: 2,905,478
Clicks: 38,846
CTR: 1.34%
Cost: $388.46
Installs: 398

Sample data. As you can see, 39000 clicks generated 400 installs. A bit old (this is the topic:�-any-good-results-out-there.html) but I don’t have the time nor nerves to dive in this ocean of spam aka MMWA to find you more recent data, you’ll have to do it yourself.

I guess the info isn’t reliable anymore because if that’s the truth google bankrupt long time ago with their current pay out :slight_smile: I guess the OP have to use his luck this time :slight_smile:

What was your time period for the 400 installs? What growth did you see in your app during this time period?

Just because 400 installs were attributed to admob doesn’t mean you’ll only get 400 installs from them. There is a network+advertising effect from using ad networks. $400 is also a very low budget that can be blown out in a matter of hours.

@Unlockable - it is not my own experience, I linked the source. I read more opinions like this, check the thread, there are more people saying that they got CPI > $1. The very next post after the one I quoted:

I spent $360 got about 32k clicks and about 300 installs

I am not saying this data means you will always get CPI > $1, or that the installs that are directly attributed to ad network are the only installs you’ll get. It is possible that someone will see the ad, he will not click it but he’ll remember the title and search for the game later. Or that he’ll be more familiar with the game because he saw the banner, and he’ll download when he sees the app icon while browsing. I would not bet too much on those installs, it could increase the overall installs by 5% max I think.
Anyway, I knew some data and I shared them, if you have some more data, with higher budget or more recent, please share them.

hello guys donot use Ayet studio for advertisement because their install are based on incentives i,e they give money to the people for install your soon as they get it they remove your app from the phone this cause causes the fall of active installs thus result in nothing.I have worked with them now i tried new on i,e AppBrain they donot provide incentive install thus your app is given to the people who only need your app their install remain active for long time their cost of install is little more i,e $0.2 per install but is can go through this by using the below link
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Well I think it depends on what you are looking for as an individual what are your personal goals? The question will be are they realistic goals or not.