Promoting a Currency Converter App

I’m interested in positive reviews for an updated app I got on the google store,
It’s a Currency Converter quite easy and useful.
App was built with PhoneGap
screenshots and description
Link to the store

Any great reviews are welcome,
I will write you a review back reply with a link
I prefer someone who will install and use, and no fake review please

People who want to purchase thru the store are welcome.
I’m offering codes for download limited in time (December)


If you have advises tips to promote,open to suggestions.

Anybody wants review exchange? reply back
this forum is active right?

I would like review exchange.
Can you take a look at Circle point game?
Download link:

I am going to review your app and send you a PM with the reviewer name.
Thank you!

UP looking for testers and reviewers

yeah, exchange or buy high ratings and positive review.

Like I said, promotion isn’t about throwing away all your life savings.
It’s about being creative and putting in a lot of time and effort.

  1. -Build a social community on Facebook and Twitter. It takes time, but it’s something you’ll need to retain your community and keep them involved. You have to post good quality content and make them feel part of something.
    -The focus here in my opinion shouldn’t be on getting new customers/users, rather it should be on interacting with your community of users.
    -You should let users access your social pages through your app. People nowadays only click on things that are very “clickable” and in front of their faces.

  2. -It’s VERY important to ask for reviews from websites that do app reviews and from YouTube channels that do app reviews. Send them an email, or if you can’t find it send them a message on social media. You can do both.
    -Be persistent with them, and don’t get discouraged if they don’t answer you after the first or second time. They’re like all of us - sometimes we pay attention to something only the fifth time we see it. Just make sure not to give them a feeling that you’re spamming them (even though that’s actually what you’re doing… :slight_smile: ).
    -Don’t send them a boring plain message. Don’t send something you yourself wouldn’t have the patience to look at. I’m sure they’ve already got an abundance of annoying things in their life and don’t need your help. Add nice pictures/video.

3)Seek out app contests where the users vote, (if only the contest holders vote, you won’t get any promotion unless you win). These contests have application dates so you need one that starts/started around now.

  1. -Have as good ASO and SEO as possible. For good ASO use keywords that people frequently use when looking for an app like yours. Put them in the app description and possibly in the title.
    -Always know who you’re targeting, who your audience is.
    -Get your friends and family to download and give good reviews, as the more downloads and good reviews you have, the better your rank will be.
    -Dont get discouraged if it doesn’t work at the begining, ASO is hard and takes much time, creativity, and effort.
    -Use sites like AppAny and SearchMan to help you find the right keywords.
    -SEO for your website is more complicated and needs an article on its own. Try doing research on google.

    • Using forums like Quora and Reddit is very important. This requires a ton of creativity, as you can’t just go around promoting your app. You’ll probably get disqualified.

These are in my opinion the main ways for app promotion. There are always other things like speaking opportunities etc. which you can use for app promotion, but that differs between individuals. I wanted to show how ANYONE can promote their app.

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Up with new codes to download on first Post
offered for positive reviews; will review your App in return.

Just can’t see your review anymore.

Video reviews of iOS app and tips & tricks Currency Converter! .follow this link for your currency converter app.

okay your reply not too relevant to my post,
however do you offer video reviews for android apps as well?

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