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I would more than happy to introduce a different type of revolutionary new marketing platform for your perusal.
Which are able to assist you for generate more fresh leads and prospect to reach your marketing goals and to succeed!!
Whatsapp Bulk Messaging

  • Send UNLIMITED whatsapp messages:
  1. Audio then Text
  2. Image then Text
  3. Video then Text

Whats Can We do For You ?

1) Send 30’000 whatsapp test messages with in just 2 hours or less
2)Send out bulk messages with any country of whatsapp user
3)No worries for database , We do have international databases that we can filter as according to your requirements
4)No limitation for words characters in whatsapp format
5)Anywhere MYR0.02 to MYR0.045, based on purchase quantity

Short code SMS bulk messaging

1) One way communication
2) Able to include hyperlink in message content to redict recipient to your website or google form
3) Instant deliverability, which average time for all mobile carrier and SMS service is less than 10 seconds from send to received
4) Limitation 160 characters in one text message
5) Anywhere MYR0.06 to MYR0.10, based on purchase quantity

Facebook bulk messaging

1) Can target by group or interest and send it directly to the group member inbox category
2) No need database required
3) As you may aim on which are the leads or prospect that might be interested in your product by group
4) Anywhere MYR0.065 to MYR0.08, based on purchase quantity

Wechat Marketing with two type solutions

1)Create a own Wechat Official Account
2) Provided content or template by your side and provided our technician to guide you how to use
3) Able to manage the account by your own self. And can be manage by 5 admins for one official account.
4) Other than that, we also do provide a Wechat slides mobile flyers. (You May request for a sample)
5) Able to send QR code for the wechat slide to redirect recipient to your official account.

Wechat Auto Invitation

1) Provided technician training to guide you how to use
2) 300 invitations for each devices per day
3) Send around 200 invitation per hour
4) Account provided by your side
5) More than 5 devices purchasing, Able to negotiate.

Database Marketing

  1. If you know who you want to market to, you have a more efficient way of reaching them
  2. Target by Age, Gender, Location, Races, Business Owner, End Consumer
  3. Of all the solutions that we do offer, we focus on only one thing.
  4. Bringing potential leads to our clients & offering various channels of marketing to reach your target market.

We wish that we are able to form some form of mutual business relationship to grow together.

If you’re interest or need some further assistant,

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