Promote your app for free !

Hi !

We are a very cool startup called Addengo from France, developing new ads format, and specialized in video advertising on mobile phone.

We are not just displaying video, we are doing more than that, there is a few of our features !

[li]Addengo’s main features
[/li][li]We are displaying video directly into your app, the user won’t leave it.
[/li][li]Our format is non-intrusive, the user can select the video he wants to watch.
[/li][li]We don’t collect any personal informations.
[/li][li]Our SDK is built to be easy to install, and is fully customizable.
[/li][li]You’ll get better revenues than you’ve ever had.

We are now building our network of app’s editors, by allowing you to use our solution to share videos on our network, totally for free.
We aren’t getting any money, just giving away our product, so editors can enjoy it. We are taking care of everything, just sit down and wait for your apps to get more users !

If you want to get more informations, you can visit our website Addengo

Feel free to MP me to get my email address, or even my phone number.

See you soon :slight_smile: