Promote Your App and Grow More Organic Installs

Nowadays there is no need to explain what is ASO to app developers. Because they realize the importance of professional ASO services, which can get their app have a higher app ranking and get more organic installs. Here are some tips for you.

  1. App icon
    Your app icon provides the first opportunity to communicate an app’s purpose to potential users. You can get a sense of good app icons searches in the app store to see what exists already in your category. That will help you both avoid looking like another app icon and get a sense of how you might stand out while remaining easily understood.
  2. Positive app reviews
    The app store takes reviews into account when adjusting its ranking and positive reviews will improve your app visibility. Many users read app reviews before deciding to download it. Thus you can try to buy app reviews to optimize your app and make it more reliable.
  3. Keep updating
    It’s also important to update your app regularly, to remain in compliance with operating system standards, introduce new features, and remain secure. It looks good to the app store that will improve app ranking.

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Many app developers try their best to get more high quality reviews for their app. They exchange reviews with other developers, ask for their friends and families help, incentive their users or hold some activities to gain reviews. But the effect is not very satisfied. It is difficult to get 4/5 star reviews even if you create a very good app. Users always think this is a time waste thing to review an app. So many app developers choose to buy app reviews. We must admit this is a good method. This is the most useful and effective method. It is also a time and energy saving method.

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I found some cool tips to promote your apps with new trends, you guys can check it out!

Functional animation
Animation is becoming increasingly important to interface design as it makes app more user-friendly and intuitive. Motion design can drive the entire user interface of your mobile shopping app. There are many ways in which functional animation assist your interface, including directing user behaviours, confirming actions, hightlight changes, showing system status. In addition, animated response and visual effects create an overall personality for entertaining and fun interaction with users. With all these pluses, motion design is definitely one of the most popular trends in 2017.

Hidden navigation
Users tend to be distracted by too many menus on the home screen. When it comes to small screens, space is a key consideration. As a result hidden navigation will be used in the design to save on space for mobile screen. Hidden navigation works with the aid of a navigational drawer to ensures that the navigation menu is only available when it is needed. Getting rid of bulky menus blocking app screen appears to be a boosting trend this year.

Material design
Originated from flat design, such types of design are very trending nowadays. Material design enhances the visual appeal and engagement aspect of a mobile shopping app. The main aim of this trend is to make it simple for users to engage with different mobile platforms while remaining rather functional and user-friendly. Through cleaner schemes, simple coloring, clear iconography and increased functionality, it delivers better user experience and easier interaction.

E-commerce is a very dynamic industry where businesses must react quickly to accommodate their shoppers needs. Not only big companies, even small, local businesses are tapping into mobile commerce market. Given the growing popularity of mobile Internet and mobile shopping, failing to provide a mobile-friendly shopping experience will put your business at a disadvantage. The competition online is tough already, so your mobile shopping app should be designed in the way to optimize customers shopping experiences and bring good revenue respectively.

As a rule to get success in app promotion – you need to focus at quick and quality boosting traffic for your app.

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