Promote your Android App for Free

To give your App the best Ranking possible, the first thing you can do within your App promotion Strategy is optimizing its page on the Play Store and App Store. Here are some important steps that will help you to improve your ASO :

1. Descriptive App Title:
The app name is the textual flagship of your mobile app and the place you have to combine creativity, function(s) and keywords – all in one title with 30 characters.

2. App Description :
In the app description, you’re also limited by a maximum of possible characters (4.000). Set your focus on the first 167 characters to promote your App because they will always be displayed.

The description contains all the information about your App that is necessary for the user. If you can make it attractive, users might want to take a closer look at your app.

3. Keywords Research :
Relevance, competition and search volume – these are the elements that will count for the correct choice of your app store keywords when promoting Apps.

4. App Icon :

App name and app icon: These two things are the main focus of attention when mobile users first check out new apps.

When you create the app icon, it needs to be consistent with your app’s design. Otherwise, it will have a negative effect on your Android app promotion.

5. Screenshot & High Quality Graphics :
You should use your screenshot real estate wisely, and focus on the key benefits and most engaging parts of your app. There are a host of tools available to help you create app screenshots that look great.
Mobile users have access to the so-called feature graphic, which is the small picture at the top of the page. It is a plain yet expressive picture, containing app name or icon only. Make sure not to forget it when you promote Android apps.

6. Create a Preview Video :
Create a Preview Video for your App. App Previews allow you to upload 30 second long videos to showcase the features and benefits of your app.
You can only show recordings of the in-app experience, so make sure your mobile app looks good, and matches what your prospective audience is looking for!
This App Store Optimization technique is going to help your App Store page convert higher as you’re providing valuable content.

7. Create a Channels for Your App :
Create a YouTube channel and post video about your app and describe your app features. It will help you to get more organic traffic on your app.

8. Use Social Media :

The perfect place to let your app circulate around the worldwide web is social media. Social Media is quite a big potential for attracting new users.
You can take the chance and register your mobile app on the main channels and share
a post (Facebook),
a tweet (Twitter),
a picture (Instagram) or
a short video (Snapchat)

9. Build App website :
Users don’t want and need every single detail on the Play Store page. However, if you create a landing page for your app, users can take some time and take in all the information about your mobile app, your company and all other channels.

You will convey way more reliability by presenting a well-designed website for your Android app promotion and your company. Bear in mind to make it suitable for mobile devices, too.

10. Use Forums and Blogs :

Use popular forums and blogs to get more traffic. Regular post at forums about your App here you can give update and news of your app.

Thanks !