Promote an app with Google Play

Hi all, I’m launching a new app and I wanted to promote it. Sometimes searching for some keywords in GP the first result in an ad and that’s what i wanted. I didn’t want a banner, but an ad in search results.
When I click on “Promote” in Admob the options always seem like banners… so how can i make the ad in search results?

Hey cscs,
can i know what is the cost in app in Admob if target in india like average cost.


Hi Vicky, yes, for me in April the average cost per click was $0.06, this means that for each click I would receive $0.06.
I had 87k impressions and 1k clicks, so I received $63 just from India.
India it’s not a very good market, United States for example is far better, so I would try to target all the world instead of just one country.

It’s a kind of Google Play search ad. You need to link your AdWords account and Google Play account, then create a new campaign and choose this Ad type: Search Network only - Mobile app installs. Here is some guide to set your Google Play Search Ads.