Proguard + AndEngine + Admob + ACRA

Has anyone any experience of combining AndEngine/Abmob/ACRA with ProGuard?

I’m trying to package up my first app for release on Google Play, and I had managed to get a release apk exported from Eclipse as a test run without ProGuard. However when I tried to switch on ProGuard (with what I believed to be the config settings I needed from google research) Eclipse decided to go crazy and I’ve just spent the last 2 hours rebuilding the environment. The export failed and after that I lost all reference to ADT and got an Unknown Error : java.nullpointer exception whenever I tried to open my project. Just my luck I hadn’t done an EGit commit for a few sessions so I thought my Git repo was going to be wrecked, but I managed to get it all back after a lot of hairpulling!

Now of course I’m nervous of giving it another go in case the same thing happens again. Is there anything I should look out for or just not bother with ProGuard for the first release? It’s just a casual time waster game.

I’d keep trying. Honestly, if your game takes off, it will be reverse engineered and copied. Speaking from experience.

Thanks, that makes sense, i’ll persevere. Everything is backed up now!

Incidentally, is anyone currently experiencing any problems with Admob test ads? They appeared to stop working on my registered test devices almost out of the blue. One is getting what appears to be live ads and the other is displaying nothing at all. :confused: