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[b]Hello guys,

Here is my app url:

Application Provides you information about your Facebook profile visitors. We all know that Facebook does not providing us any module in which we can see who visited your profile. Application works on one algorithm. Algorithm is very simple and world wide. May be you will not get exact information with algorithm and with application. Application presenting you result of our algorithm that’s it.

[b]Please rate this app, make good comments, keep it installed for maximum time. I will do the same for you.

Thank you.[/b]

downloaded, rated with 5 stars, G+ and reviewed it :slight_smile:

I would appreciate if you do the same, here is my link:


I rated 5 stars to your game.

My comments: Its really funny and entertaining game.

Done, gave you 5*, g+ and a nice review for your app (as Rick). Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

Will you rate my game and include keywords like “deadly” or “dodo”?

Hello Rick,
I am not able to find out your reviews to my application link.
Can you please send me a screenshot of your reviews?
Thank you.

Done everything as ‘Edward S’.

I will keep your app installed for at least one week. Please do the same for my app as well. (Because, good retention rate = better internal playstore rating)

Here’s my app:

Use the words ‘Quiz’ and ‘Trivia’ in your review.