Problem with startapp money

From 2 days ago, startapp have problem with calculate money. it always zero dollar
Who do you have same problem with me?

I receive results. Open a ticket to support. They answer quickly.

does it mean you have same problem?
What about their answer?


i will wait until end of today. if nothing change, i will open ticket

They have a very good support ,they answer very quickly. But unfortently have a low eCPM. :frowning:

No, I don’t have such a problem.

Exactly, they have a very good support, nice looking ads and easy SDK. I liked them but eCPM is low and their impression count algorithm is different so total revenue is low. I diverted little bit traffic to Admob. I see more than 100K impressions in admob but 70K in StartApp.

yep from new year I see a strange lower impression than before without reason. I hope they dont cheat with it -.-