Problem with Revmob

I received a notice indicating an app I’m using an SDK that violates the “policy developers August 1”, the fact is that I have a latest sdk revmob that theoretically complies this policy …

That I can do to make the “notice” disappears?

You’d better remove directly revmob from my app, no?

You could recommend me another company which also similiar ads are “offered” free games?

Thank you.

Lol what a coincidence. I just switched to revmob in 2 of my apps. Uploaded and got flagged within the hour. Removed and went back to startapp, flags was gone a couple hours later. Never going back…

You’ve done everything that indicates the configuration of the sdk?

Google Advertising ID

Add the Google Play Services Library to your project by following the instructions below (you can find the official instructions here).

Note: This is Very Important for you not to get warning notifications from Google Play Store.

Copy google-play-services_lib from your Android SDK folder to your project folder

Import this folder to Eclipse workspace

Make reference to it as library in your project

Copy the following tag into the app manifest file as a child of the application element:

** <meta-data android: name = “”
************* android: value = “@ integer / google_play_services_version” />

In your project_directory / Proguard-project.txt file, add:

-keep class * extends java.util.ListResourceBundle {
**** protected Object [] [] getContents ();
-keep public class {
**** public final static *** NULL;}
-keepnames @ class *
-keepclassmembernames class * {
**** @ *;

-keepnames class * implements android.os.Parcelable {
**** public final static ** CREATOR;}


Have the same issue. Revmob added Google ID in version 7.3.2 and all my apps utilize 7.4.0 or newer. Configured SDK per instructions. And found out today that Google marked all my apps as violating advertising ID policy.

I’m using revmob SDK for Unity.

Yeah I did all of that. I’m just pissed now cause I see alot of people say there’s 3 strike rule with google play and I already got 2 cause of this stupid revmob thing:mad::mad:

Someone has achieved contact the revmob support? I have sent a few emails, and I still have not received a reply yet …

They sent an email to update SDK for android unity etc few minutes back