Problem with Java on HTC phones in phonegap+jquery apps

Hi Guys, my first post here, really glad I found this forum, very useful :slight_smile:
I’ve entered the android game about two months ago, and right now I’m stuck with bug-fixing… (coming from a graphic and web design background, I was kind of relieved to be done with crossbrowser differences, but now I’m learning about all those android devices and their differences, getting upset all over again lol)

Overview of my problem:
I make apps in Dreamweaver cs5.5 using phonegap, jquery, bits of JS where needed,
and for image galleries I’m set on using gallery script (nice, responsive, has what I need).
I have a google nexus, and access to a few samsung and sony devices, and my apps work fine there.
I use Eclipse to sign the apps and submit to google play (they work fine in the emulator too).

In the app store, I’ve started getting 1-star ratings and crash reports only from HTC phone users,
and as I am not a programmer, I am completely clueless on how to hunt for those bugs.
This is the stack trace,


and its absolutely the same for all apps (same line numbers 191,856),
so I’m guessing its one of the components (ie photoswipe gallery, or a jquery component?) that is causing the crashes.

What tools to use, where to look,
or if this is something common and easy to fix (any bits of code as fallback?), please direct me :slight_smile:

It means you are trying to reference something that has no value or doesn’t exist. However since I have never created an app using this method I’m not really sure why you are having this issue.

I think you’ll get the best response for this question if you post it over at Best of luck!

Hi RedHanded,
I was thinking to use phonegap few weeks ago but after searching on internet and getting tons of complains about performance I give up.
I know that phonegap give you an easy way to develop using html5 and javascript but I think it’s not mature enough for Android.
Actually after searching on multiple solutions the best free solution for me is libgdx.
It need Java and it’s not cross platform like phonegap but you have the best performance and the possibility to test it locally without real phone or emulator.

For you problem you should talk with phonegap support/forum.


thanks, I’ve dug up several useful threads on stackoverflow, need to merge the advice and test…

Gabriele thanks for the link, I didn’t hear about libgdx before but it does look promising (and yes phonegap seems to be pretty slow, a few days back I bought a native app template off codecanyon and was blown away how fast it worked in the emulator, I used to think it was the emulator itself that was sluggish)